Hector Centeno

(Updated June, 2018. Detailed resume availabe upon request)

Digital media artist and interactive systems designer and developer, working independently and collaboratively. His focus is on immersive sound, visuals and interactivity that seeks to engage the audience into a self reflection of existence, place and reality.

Among his artistic activities are international presentations of his individual multi-channel sound art works, installation collaborative work, live sound and video improvisation performances and virtual reality art installations.

As a software developer he has created spatial audio mobile applications, video game mechanics and simulation systems, hardware sensors and micro-controller systems, and virtual and augmented reality interactive experiences.

He has leaded workshops on electronics and sound design for artists and worked as technical director at New Adventures in Sound Art in Toronto. He currently teaches at the Digital Futures program at OCAD University, and works as Technology Director at Impossible Things, creating augmented reality experiences.